Monday, April 21, 2008

Mostly Lazy Day

It was just Abby and I at home today, she had a tummy ache so she stayed with me. I've protested loud and often about being labeled the "regular" babysitter around these parts but so far no one is listening. Might have to go to more drastic measures cause I sure do feel used a lot lately.
Abby is a good little girl so I got in a couple of little naps today while she sat quietly watching cartoons.

I planted the little pots of flowers I bought on Saturday. I put the gerber daisies and the miniature dahlia in the pots in front of the porch and the primroses in the porch flower box. I'm going to wait to see if the rose moss returns in the flower boxes, if it doesn't, I'll find a few more plants for that spot. I transplanted a geranium that Zach bought me at their school's hot house into a hanging pot, and I filled the hummingbird feeders just in case some of those little flying critters decide to come visit.

I've been watching my birdy regulars "wrestling" around the yard this month. The Brown Thrasher couple has built a new nest in the cedar tree but I haven't found where the Mockingbirds and doves have been laying their eggs. There's a Blue Jay couple down the road a piece that I'm going to try to keep my eye on. They are such magnificent birds although when they're nesting they can be very cranky. The Purple Martins are back and busy. I love watching them soar late in the evenings and listening to their busy chirps and tweets.

Tomorrow I'll take James for his doctor's appointment, I'm real excited about that. Not.

Well, that's about it for this day. As soon as this child (who was supposed to have been asleep 45 minutes ago) stops playing with that ball (that I'm going to throw out the back door), I'm going to take some ibupro and hit the hay, old Arthur is doling out misery to my hip and knee tonight.


bermudabluez said...

Hi there, Brenda! Hope you are feeling better today and that you aren't being everyone's babysitter. Tough place to be in!! We are actually having pretty warm weather's in the 70's!

Donna said...

SO sad that you're not feeling to well!! Wish I could Help!! Send the baby to me and I'll let you get a proper nap!!! (((HUG)))

Andie Pandie said...

Blue Jays are so pretty but they are so mean to all the other birdies. Such bullies!

Mrs. B's babies are going to hatch soon I think because she rarely leaves her nest anymore. And that includes when I go outside past it.

Crystal said...

Girl, hope you get to feeling better! Get lots of rest and hopefully one of these days you'll get some time to yourself to sleep ALL DAY!!

cassie-b said...

Isn't it wonderful to be planting again? I just love spring.

We have lots of birds and lots of trees, and I don't know where our doves (quite a few of them) nest either. I guess they're shy.

You do watch the children quite a bit. I guess it's really a treat to have just one - and a quiet one at that.

Loretta said...

Hi...I so relate to the babysitting thing. I keep my 19 month old granddaughter five days a week, then on week end's both kids seem to think I ought to be eager to baby sit so they can have "time" to do things. I'm thinking about running away from

I love the pictures of the flowers and your big fat frog.