Friday, April 11, 2008

All Night Storms

As the sun was trying to rise in the east, a final line of storms moved in from the west this morning. The view of the clouds was awesome, even through my sleep deprived eyes, so I grabbed my camera to try to capture the beauty of Mother Nature's way of giving us a little more to drink.

It rained all night long as storm after storm came through the delta. The lightening was bright and sharp, and the thunder rumbled so loud and long that I could feel the vibrations as I tried to sleep. The storms didn't spawn any tornadoes in our area but there were some mighty gusty winds blowing through here.

I'm driving James to the doctor today so he can have a look to make sure he's on the mend. With all the bad bugs you hear about on the news, I just think it's a good idea to be on the cautious side even though I scrub and scrub before I even touch his bandage.

It'll feel good to get out awhile, might even keep me from doing some bodily harm to someone.

I got the results of the CT scan last week and was happy to find out that the lump in my thigh is some sort of muscle scar tissue where old arthur has wrecked havoc so although it's painful, it's not going to put me down anytime soon.


Crystal said...

YAY!!! About the CT scan!!! I'm glad you can finally put your mind at ease!

Those pictures a really good! Glad to know no harm came your way.

Hope James is on the mend and it's a fast recovery!! And hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing weekend!!

Anonymous said...


I am so glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Take the Juice+ for the circulation and heart that Terri was suppose to make sure you got. It is good for you. I want my big sis to be around for many years and able to keep up with me. I love you and miss you.


Anonymous said...

I hope that James gets back on his feet soon. I know what it is like to deal with an injured hubby. Garry wasn't as nice to deal with at times.

bermudabluez said...

The storm pictures were amazing! Those kind of storms are pretty scary. Glad to hear that your scan came out ok. I'm sure that's a big relief off your mind. Hope your husband's doctor appt goes well. Have a good weekend, Brenda!

Joan said...

Phew, happy to hear your results were okay.

Stay dry now.

Mary Lou said...

I was looking at the clouds last evening and thinking that there are some beautiful awesome looking clouds in the spring! But then I dont live where I need to worry about tornadoes.

jazzi said...

Breathing a sigh of relief about your CT scan results!

Sally said...

So happy about the results of the scan. :)