Monday, April 07, 2008

Big Ouch and Little Ouch

I was going to kick back and have a relaxing day today but my plans didn't exactly pan out. About 12:30 I'd just turned on the Lifetime TV channel and was heading to the kitchen to do a couple of dinner preps that needed doing early when the phone rang. I heard "Brenda, garble, garble, garble, emergency room, garble," then dead air. I knew it was James when he said my name and when I heard the emergency room part I started to panic so I tried calling back, nothing. I tried again, and again, but nothing. By then I was rushing around trying to get dressed while brushing my teeth, still carrying the phone, when it rang again. James said he was on the way to the emergency room but then he had to hand the phone to someone else because he said he was "getting sick".

I was freaking out by this time.

The other farm manager was finally able to tell me what was going on. One of the dimwits, actually the biggest dimwit on the farm, had hit a lever on the backhoe while James was working on the bucket and the bucket fell on his feet. He told me he was taking him to the emergency room, he was bleeding, he thought most of the damage was to his big toe, and would I please meet them there.

So, we spent the whole afternoon in the emergency room. James's big toe looked like what a watermelon looks like when you drop it, sort of exploded. The emergency room doc did a pretty good job of stitching everything back together, I even assisted a little by holding his second toe out of the way so he could stitch that side up, and held James's leg still because the nerves were twitching from the pain he was in. (I wouldn't make a good nurse folks, that wasn't anything fun to watch.)

After we left the emergency room we went to the pharmacy to pick up some loracet and bandage supplies and finally made it home around 5. I finally got the big man fed, foot propped up, meds in him and came in here to my computer when I heard this awful BOOM and BANG that knocked the picture and bulletin board off my wall. Zach was taking a shower on the other side of that wall so I jumped up and ran to see what was going on. He'd locked the door so I had to wait for him to unlock it, and all the while he was crying. When I could finally get to him I found that he'd slipped on his soap and had hit both shins on the side of the tub and now has two goose egg sized knots.

It's going to be a long week folks.

Do they still make those tension rods for the shower curtains? I'm going to be needing some.


jazzi said...

I tried to post a comment earlier, but it didn't take, I guess. What a day for you! And James, and Zach!
I sure hope it gets MUCH better.

bermudabluez said...

Yikes! Hope James and Zach are soon feeling better!! And I hope that your weekend does nothing but IMPROVE! Sending hugs!!

Sally said...

Oh my heavenly days, Ms. Brenda. I'm sorry to hear this, and can only imagine the thoughts going through your head before finding out what actually happened in both cases!

Take care the best you can!

Donna said...

Oh My Word!!! Geez, you've had a day!!! Hope you can get everyone sorted out! Thank God it wasn't worse!!!hughugs

Cal said...

Your week just has to improve after that! Hope James and Zach feel better very soon.

Crystal said...

Dang girl! When it rains it pours at your house doesn't it?! Glad to hear everything is ok with hubby and Zach! MEN!lol!

cassie-b said...

I hope everyone feels better quickly.

You can probably look forward to a week of fetching and carrying. And listening.

Hang in there!

Joan said...

I guess it will be awhile before James puts on a shoe. Yikes that must have hurt. Looks like all your men have boo boo's this week.

Don't work to hard!!

Anonymous said...


I pray all is better with you and the boys. I know you must have been having a heart attack when James called. It is good that Terri is the nurse, cuz you and I were not cut out for that. Take care of yourself and tell the guys to try and stay safe. Love you all,