Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dance Recital 08

It's that time of year again so Zach and I went to watch Alexis (aka, the Chick) performing the dances that she's been practicing since last August. She's really growing up folks, she and the other girls in her age group were just perfect and oh so sweet!

The top photo is of her introduction during the Baby Parade, I think she's wearing her tap outfit.
The last photo, where she's wearing the green and white outfit, they were performing their ballet dance.

The center photo is of the only little boy who took dance this year. He put on quite a show and not one bit of it was anything similar to the dance that all the little girls in his group were doing. He was something else. I bet he keeps his momma busy.

Jerri was saying today that Jillian (aka, the Beans) will be old enough to start dance before the next session begins. I believe she'll give that little boy a run for his money.


Donna said...

She's So beautiful Brenda!! Don't 'cha just hate all that "growing-up" business?!! And that little boy Looks like he gives mother a run for her money!!LOL.....Love the pictures!..Night sweetie!hughugs

Sally said...

Oh my goodness, how absolutely adorable! That little chick gets more beautiful all the time. I know you really enjoyed watching, and taking those great pictures. We have one coming up the end of May, and I can't wait although I really can't imagine what the teacher thinks two year olds are gonna do. hahaha

Yep, Jilly Beans - can't wait for that either!! :)

mreddie said...

Those photos are just ate up with cuteness! :) ec

bermudabluez said...

A zillion years ago, my daughter took dance lessons and I still love to remember those cute little recitals! Thanks for the memories....she looks adorable!!

Crystal said...

OMG Brenda!!! She is just too beautiful!!!! I bet she just loved getting all dressed up like that! Did you have to fight her to take all the stuff off? Too cute! Thank you for sharing;o)

Joan said...

She is one cutie pie!!

I always have to laugh when you talk about Jillian, she is such hoot.