Saturday, November 19, 2005

Itchy Terrorist

Usually on Saturday we get to sleep until we wake up around here but not today. Instead we had to get up early to hurry up and get in line to wait at the doctor's office and of all the things I just love to do, standing in line to wait is my second favorite,(insert strong curse words here),,standing in line at Wal Mart is my first favorite.

It seems the Terrorist has hunted around and found himself a spot of poison ivy and is almost completely covered in the itchy stuff. I think the only places I haven't found any on him are the cheeks of his tush and his feet. He's been pretty miserable.

After we stood in line to sign in at the doctor's office and finally were able to have a seat to wait for the doctor to make an appearance, I looked around for a magazine to keep myself and the itchy youngun from climbing the walls out of boredom. There was not one single magazine, brochure, flyer, nothing to be found in that waiting room so I asked the receptionist where I might find one. She told me that every magazine in the place had been stolen and that they'd had to start locking the restroom also because the patients were letting their kids trash it on a daily basis.

I've been seeing the doctors at this clinic for nigh on 20 years now and it's always been such a nice place. It's in one of the older old home places in Helena and they did an excellent job with keeping things homey looking so I was shocked to see yet another place hit by the ghetto gang decorators that seem to be taking over the entire delta.

Instead of falling into my usual dazed driving state on the way home, I looked around and noticed many changes to the, once grand, old river town. Less and less pride is being taken in the appearances of the homes and lawns, and there were many more homes with bars on the windows. It's really a sad sight.

I feel that the time will soon come when most of the businesses and many of the families in old Helena will be moving out our way, west, away from the river. Many already have. The sense of pride a homeowner had quickly turns to frustration when people move into the area who are subsidized for their rent and have no ambition towards home ownership. It seems as though they don't care enough to take care of anything.


Phyllis said...

Yes, it is horribly sad that the system that tried to help people has made them into lazy helpless selfish people. Not all of them, but the majority of them. Why get ambition? We hand them everything, then when a disaster happens, they all group together with their mouths open like a nest with baby birds, squeeling for food! Something has to give, here!
I have worked my ass off my entire life, and have been through some really hard times, but by golly I pick myself up and change things and get on with life!
oooooooh, you hit a great subject here, miss Brenda!

Cal said...

Poor thing, hope it all clears up soon. We don't get that here but I gather it's not nice at all!

Sally said...

I agree with Phyl 100%. I believe in helping people who try to help themselves.

Hope Zach got some relief. Ouch!!

Holly said...

what a sad commentary about society.

sorry the terrorist is itchy... does it slow him down, or is he just an itchy tasmanian devil?

Special K said...

It's such a shame when a nice area goes to shit. The same thing happened with the neighbourhood where I grew up; it's a little bit recognizable from the time I lived there, but only barely. It's so disappointing to see the same lovely old houses barred and gated, or torn down, or derelict --and those are the best case scenarios.

I suppose we have to accept that neighbourhoods die, but it stinks to watch them decline.

wanda said...

There will always be those who take no pride in their surroundings. In this instance I have to agree with Phyllis. The problem is how do know where to draw the line? There are those who genuinely need help, and who are not lazy, shiftless, borderline criminals. Sadly they are becoming the minority.
How do we fix this without throwing out the baby with the bathwater?

Hope the 'terrorist' is feeling less itchy by now!