Monday, November 28, 2005

Cause Karen Tagged me

7 Things

Seven things that I plan to do:

Some more online and by phone Christmas shopping
Do my Christmas Cards
Get more sleep
Catch up with my blog reading
Post this

Seven things I can do:

Touch type
Drive an tractor and an 18 wheeler (as long as I don't have to go far)
Bake decent cornbread and biscuits
Draw and paint a little
Have beautiful babies

Seven things I can't do:

Speak a foreign language (though I had French in HS and know a few choice words in Spanish)
Bake cakes and pies
Make Candy
Play a musical instrument
Eat Chitterlings
Get enough sleep

Seven things I say most often:

Oh shit!
I love you a bushel and a peck.
I'll beat you naked and hide yer clothes.
Sit down, stop bouncing, and do your homework!
I'd stretch a mile if I didn't have to walk back.
Please turn that down!!!

Seven people I want to tag:

Cassie b


Virginia Gal said...

I can't sing either :-)
I hope you feel better and love the pic of all the kids, you gotta frame that! Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving!

Sally said...

Your site looks so pretty!

Special K said...

From what I understand, you can bake cakes right just can't keep them from exploding. ;)

David said...

Darn you - you tagged me - okay I will think about this today.

Explain - "I'll beat you naked and hide your clothes". To whom are you speaking?

me said...

Okay, I'm going to have to remember "I'll beat you naked and hide your clothes!" :lol:

I'm having more fun playing with Santa and the reindeer!

John Strain said...

Hi Brenda,
Great job on the site, it looks very Christmassy.

Joan said...

You exploded a cake? Are you a terrorist? Are you mad, woman!!??

Lurves you new digs...vewwwy prewwty...

How do you make those cursor thingamabobs? I want to annoy some of my friends with one of them. I would like to make snow flakes coming down my blog, but I can't figure out how to do it.

...thanks for meming me, you'll be sorry :)

Brent said...

Brenda, you are a hoot!! My seven things I say most often couldn't be published. And we could all use more sleep!!