Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Suffering From Brain Depreciation

There's definitely a straight line declining balance of cells in the great empty space behind my eyes after that little trip. It even caused me to have problems finding my way around in that danged hotel that didn't cover much more area than my back yard.

I arrived yesterday with just enough time to find the other two ladies from the tax company, sign in, and nab a cup of coffee before being entertained by our instructors who happened to be two retired IRS auditors (I'm pretty sure they qualified as some of the "Raisin" clan that Special K and Leslie speak of). I learned a lot, had to lug home this big ole book full of tax stuff, and was the only one in the class to win a teeny, tiny, candy bar for answering a question right.(there were only two possible answers and luck was on my side!)

The only other entertainment was hearing a story that Tammy told us about killing a donkey with Corona Lights as we sat in the hotel lounge with long, tall, icy, margaritas. I was in my pjs and in bed by 10:15 so you know I was feeling my age.

The most important thing I learned during the 16 hours of instruction was we're going to have a few pissed off clients when they come to understand what the new classification for "qualifying child" on their 2005 tax return means.

Is everyone finished plucking their bird to get it ready to stick in the oven?


Leslie said...

Welcome Home : )

You're supposed to pluck them first?! ;)

Well, it may have been tiring, but it was a night away (and there were margaritas). And good for you on scoring the candy bar.

16 hours of anything is a long time.

Phyllis said...

How do you pluck them?

Virginia Gal said...

Have a happy thanksgiving! May your family forget old wounds and come together to share in a meal and give thanks.

Sally said...

I'm glad you're home safely, Ms. Brenda. You know, I've heard of people claiming animals as their children - some people will try to get away with anything, I guess.

What I learned last year when having my taxes done by someone else (for the first time in my life) was that I could have claimed "state sales tax" - whew that was a new on me and I had purchased stuff that had pretty big tax on it.

This year I've tried to save all my receipts.

I had also been under the assumption that I would have to claim proceeds from the condo I had sold only to find out that "if you actually lived in the property, it isn't even mentioned in your return"; that if you had rental property, yes. Now, is it that the way it is everywhere?

Sorry, didn't mean to get into all that, but you ARE an expert after all. I mean, you DID win the candy bar! :)

David said...

Bird is already in the oven since we will not have time to cook it tomorrow. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Brenda said...

Thank you Ms Leslie. It was quite a boring trip so I was glad to get home. I feel like my butt is flat from all that sittin.

Ms. Leslie and Miz Phyllis, you only have to pluck them if you get them with feathers and feet still on (grin).

I'll meet the kids at my son's tomorrow Virginia gal but it should be fun,,leaving hubby home alone.

Brenda said...

Miz Sally, if you itemize you can choose to use either sales tax or state income tax as a deduction. Since you live in a state with no income tax, sales tax is the way to go for you. That one hasn't been in effect long.

There are different rules about selling a home if the sale includes a capital gain. Just make sure you take all the paper work pertaining to buying and selling your home to your tax preparer.

Dawn said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family !! :)

Mary Lou said...

DAmn! And I purposely named all my critters real names so I can claim them as children!! Ethel, Sadie, Lola, Suzie, Bea. Ah Well!!

Are the Girls coming to Bubbas? That is the only reason I can think of for James to stay home.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time to me. Especially that icy margaritas part. Times like that are when my insomnia comes in handy.

So who/what classify as a 'qualifying child'?

Well for some reason blogger comments doesn't like me today, so it won't let me sign in. Oh well, we Southern Belles know each other on site anyway.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

Those poor turkeys.


Sally said...

Oh, thanks so much Brenda. Gosh I hope I don't have capital gains, ewwwww....

P. S. The ONE time I did cook a turkey, oh yeah, I left the innards IN. Brad fries our turkeys now; Patti said I should never have gotten that turkey frier for him because the oil costs 8 times more than the turkey!!

me said...

Oh, great. We just learned last year that the rules changed for us pastors, and our taxes almost doubled. Aren't you glad you aren't doing our taxes, Brenda?

Brenda said...

David, you're a good cook I bet!

I'd gladly do your taxes Miz Kim and do the very best job I could!

The qualifying child dependency rules are so danged confusing that I'm not sure I could even explain it.

Thank you Miz Dawn. I'm gonna try.

Miz Mary lou, the kids are cooking at Bubbie's so after I throw a turkey on the table for the tyrant Zach and I will join them.

Pig and Taz,,save your tears for me,,I gotta cook the bird and then wash the dishes! (grin)

Yep Miz Sally, that oil doesn't come cheap for sure.

Special K said...

I knew Corona Light had to be good for something.