Friday, May 06, 2005

Who IS This Person?

One who's always available, with camera in hand, for the best of the best of photo opportunities. I should be so lucky!


I wonder if he got his grant?

And I thought little leaguers put on a good show.

I reckon the southern habit of leaving off the undies to keep cool
was not such a good idea in this case huh?

Last evening I was in a half-ass good mood because although Zach had a ball game, it was an early ball game, and I could look ahead to not having to rush home to get dinner on the table and him in the bath before bedtime.

The mood didn't last.

Around 6:45 I was huffing my way to the truck toting my purse and Zach's batting helmet and glove while steering him in the same direction and when I arrived I found not 1, but 3 cars, parked behind me in the parking lot. The first was a truck and he was even too close (like 6 inches from my back bumper) to do my cuttin and cussin maneuvers to get out so I go back to the gate to ask them how I was supposed to find the owner so he could move the vehicle. (I figured once he was out of the way I could do the c&c and get out past the others). They said I needed the deputy sheriff to handle it so off I plodded to find him and eventually did. The deputy called in the tag number and got a name and went back to search 4 different game bleachers to find the dumbass that had the nerve to block a bunch of cars.

Evenutally some, "I think I look so cool" lookin dude come strolling out, jiggling his keys and asks, "Oh? Did I block you in?" I promise I tried to hold it in, I was even biting my tongue for real, but I was hungry, and tired, and the devil seems to have set up house on my right shoulder, so I replied, "Yep, and I know yer name,,,I shoulda just told the deputy that I'd handle it and called the tow truck for ya."

After he moved his truck I backed out as far as I could (remember, there were still 2 cars parked behind me blocking my escape), and then I started doing my c&c thing. I drive an extended cab truck so this is no easy deal since there were also cars parked on either side of me and it's hard to judge just how close I am. After about 15 minutes of the C&C and a few prayers thrown in for good measure, I noticed some lads nearby and called to one of them to ask if he'd stand there and let me know when I was getting too close. I'd pull up a few inches till he gave me a sign, then he'd go to the back and we'd do the same. After 15 more minutes of this, he yelled over to a buddy to ask if he'd stand at the back and help out. He was such a good Buddy that he said, "Fuck that broad" and went on yapping to some girls in a car.

Then the guy in the first truck blocking me comes back with his girlfriend and started mouthing off. I was plenty busy trying not to do damage to 3 vehicles but I yelled to them to stay right there and as soon as I got out of that hole, we'd have a long discussion.

The young lad and I finally got my long, black, Ford outta that hole and to my amazement, the mouthy guy and his lady were no longer in sight. I gave the lad $10 and a thank you and told him to buy a six-pack and if he shared it with that little smart-mouthed friend of his, I'd find him and kick his ass.

It was almost 8 when I got home and I wasn't in a good mood!

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