Sunday, May 08, 2005


I hope all the Mommies out in blogland had a super day today. My day was a really good one. My oldest daughter, Trish, called last night to chat awhile and it always makes me feel good to hear from her. Zach gave me a little flower he grew and a card and tissue rose that he made. Jami, Keith and the girls brought a pot of begonias by for me to enjoy until I murder them, and Bubbie and Jerri came over with the Chick who brought me a bag of corn as my "prize". My mother-in-law dropped in for a visit and James's brother and his wife stopped in for a bit so it's been a full day of family around here.

I also made it through the entire day without changing out of my night shirt and an old pair of shorts.

Yep, it was a good day.

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