Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'm Over the Hump.

Wednesday is done and now it's on to Thursday and I woke up thinking (wishing) it was Friday. I can sleep till I wake up on Saturday mornings so coming to the realization that it wasn't yet Friday was a little let-down. At least I have that to still look forward to.

Zach had ball practice last night so we had another rush evening afterwards to try to get home, get food, and get him bathed and in bed. On practice days and early ballgame days, while school's still going on, he's bringing one of his team buds home with him cause his Momma works in town and has a hard time getting him there on time on those days. So yesterday this Nanny had two little chattering, wiggly, lads to herd to practice. It actually went smoother since Zach had someone to play with and wasn't so grumpy from being tired after a long day at school. Tonight they have a ballgame so we'll see how it goes with getting two of them dressed.

It's so nice to be able to do the regular Nanny things with the rest of the grandbabies. Since Zach lives with us, it's not in our best interest to buy him things that make a mess or make a lot of noise. (I'm not totally dense in this area).
It's a different matter when it comes to little presents for the others.

JC Penny had a sale on "Pixi Dust" make-up kits back in the winter so knowing that I had 3 little girls with birthdays during the Spring, I ordered 3 of them knowing that they were not staying at my house (see how clever I can be?). I so enjoy hearing the stories about MeriKate doing makeovers on her cat and, under protest, their family dog. The cat adores MeriKate and will lie patiently in her lap as she applies eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush, the dog has to be bribed and held down by an assistant.

I'd love to go back to bed this morning since I stayed up too late last night finishing up a good book but I need to call the beauty salon to see if Ms. Bea can fit me in for a trim today. I also have to call the satellite folks to see if I can get Zach's TV back on track. But if Ms. Bea can't fit me in I think I'll do the satellite later and snooze for a couple more hours. At my age, extra beauty sleep can't hurt you know.

Ya'll have a good one!

A 10:15 opening at the salon kept me from going back to bed but now I've been snipped so I'm off for a nap!

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