Monday, May 02, 2005

I'd rather be sleeping this morning.

Instead, I've already cooked an egg for the terrorist, instructed him in the art of putting his clothes on, and inspected his teeth. I'm sitting here now with my 2nd cup of coffee wondering if I'll die before the great grandchildren start to arrive and one or more of them decide to move in, or if someday I'll be able to sleep till I wake up. He's got 10 more years of school and I know from experience that he'll be abusing this Nanny alarm clock for every one of those years.

Some mornings I'm just tired from the get-go.

I thought about only letting one eye open this morning and going back to bed after the school bus runs but then I remembered the banking that I was supposed to do on Friday or Saturday didn't get done so it has to be done today. And I need to buy a few more grocery items since the $174 I spent on Friday didn't cover everything.

Ok, I'm done whining and it's time to refill my cup.

Hope ya'll have a kind and generous day!

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