Monday, May 23, 2005

When Will I Ever Learn?

There will probably soon be a reprint of my WalMart wanted poster. This one will sport horns and ears emitting smoke and fire. The fuckers!

On Saturday afternoon I needed to do a little shopping so hubby, Zach, and I went to town. We stopped in for a late lunch/early dinner at El Canaveral cause I like to put off my visits to WalMart as long as I possibly can. Since we needed BBs, anti-itch spray, and one of those cool Colgate toothbrushes Special K spoke of, a trip to one of only 2 grocery stores in town wasn't in the cards cause they don't sell most of that stuff. So away we go to the local Wally World.

I should have seen the signs of forewarning when we went to the front to check out and there was noone waiting in line at one of the counters. Things are going smoothly except for the young gal deciding to wipe off the counter belt with something wet just as we're unloading our basket. I finally remembered to buy sugar so I had to stack that on top of another item to keep from having a wet bottom on the bag. Then when the gal gets to the 12-pk of Bud Light we have to wait 10 minutes for the manager, who's standing within throwing distance (don't think I didn't have an urge to), to notice the flashing sign above our checker indicating that she needed help cause our checker wasn't old enough to scan the beer.

So finally I write out the check for $103.07 for the items and we made out way out the door. I was almost smiling over the fact that, even though we'd had a couple of delays, we'd managed to get through the check out in less than the usual half hour!

Then we drove our 12.5 miles home and unloaded the bags and as I was merrily putting the stuff away (as I muttered curses under my breath about the sugar being bagged with the chicken) I noticed a few things were missing. I went back out to the truck to see if we'd missed a bag or two but they weren't there. So I dug around in my purse for the receipt and find that although I had paid for several items, they didn't make it into carry-out basket at the check-out.

Although I'd bought

Anti-Itch Spray for $6.37
Toothpaste for $2.37
Colgate Toothbrush for $2.88
Deodorant for $1.94 and $1.98
Baby Powder for $2.82
and Soap for $4.44

Those items were not to be found.

So I called WalMart to discuss this with the manager but the manager was not in. The assistant manger informed me that there was nothing that could be done until Monday.
At this point I was pissed enough to pull nails from a 2X4 post with my teeth!

I called today and was finally able to speak to the manager and I told him that since I had been waiting since SATURDAY to be able to use my purchased products and I was quite sure they didn't want me to have to make another 25 mile round trip to their store in the mood I was in, it would be in their best interest to send one of their trusty employees on out here to the country to deliver my missing purchases. He immediately agreed to this suggestion.

I hope it's one of the ones that drives a shiney new car cause it just rained out here on these gravel roads!