Saturday, May 28, 2005


Long day!

I was looking forward to sleeping in this morning until they informed me that the first All Star practice was this morning at 9 a.m. Getting myself up wasn't nearly as hard as getting the Terrorist on his feet.

The practice lasted until nearly 12 so I've had more than my share of UV rays today. I was as tired as if I'd been out there chasing those balls so when I got home I had to take a quick little nap after I put some steaks in a marinade.

Bubbie stopped by on his way home from work and Jerri and the Chick met him here and PopPop cooked steaks and some shrimp (for me!) on the grill. Pops did a little irrigating of his garden too, with his little helpers.

Hmmm,,cool water,,should I?

Mommy said no so I'll just stir it around a little with this bat.

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