Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Little This 'N That

Zach had another ball game last night and Nanny near bout froze her hinny off trying to watch it. Instead of keeping an eye on the score I was watching the minutes tick off the clock and thinking about a warm truck and getting home. They lost again but they're looking better with every game.
Trish called yesterday to ask for advice about how to deal with Jaylen's (her youngest) tantrums because they're making her insane. My advice was, "Insanity is ok, you have to be insane to have kids you know." Jordan, her oldest, is turning out to be quite the softball player and got a homerun the other night. I hope we'll get a break after Zach gets out of school later this month to get over to Little Rock to see one of her games.
Jerri really missed an opportune kodak moment last weekend while her camera was at home on the charger. They went to a crawdad cook with some of the Chick's daddy's friends and they had a band there playin. The Chick was singing and dancing so much that the band put her up there with them and handed her a mic. Jerri said she really put on a show and even sang one of her favorites, "Happy Birf Day To Youuuuuu".
I'm staying my happy ass around home today and listening for the sounds of tractors coming down the road. One or more of those idiotic tractor drivers knocked my mail box off 3 times last week and I'm ready to move in for the kill. When I can remember to buy a new mail box I'm gonna put a sign on the post somewhere mentioning that the owner has a shotgun.

That's about all the news I've got for a Wednesday morning. Ya'll have a good one, ya hear?

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