Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Where's an ark when you need one?

We near bout washed away here in Phillips County, Arkansas yesterday. It rained and rained and finally the redneck engineering work done on our road last fall gave up the ghost and the danged road fell through.

They put a new 4ft culvert in last fall and I reckon they just threw it in and tossed some dirt and gravel on top cause we've had to call them out several times over the fall and winter to patch holes where little spots appeared to be falling through. Then yesterday, being the only county in the state with a flash flood warning in effect all danged day, their patch up jobs washed away. We're having to drive an extra 4 or 5 miles to get out of our little spot in the country until they fix it. I think they ought to charge the damned farmer for the repairs since it was his dragline ditch work that caused this mess.

I know my husband manages a farm, but damn, the farm owners around here think they can just do whateverthehell they want!

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