Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It's Wednesday already?

Where have I been and what did I do? It's mostly just an angry blur of fantasy type images which include having the county road supervisor strung up a tree and myself with bull whip in hand. I've really got to stop having this sort of daydream cause I really don't think it's healthy,,,,for the recipient,,,I'm ok with it.

That little weasel actually accused me, in so many words, of stealing their "road closed" signs. It was after that rainy Monday when the road had gone to whereever it is that washed out roads go and they'd finally put up the signs on Tuesday morning. Wind gusts scattered my lawn chairs all over the yard and I'd gone out to gather them up out of the neighbor's yard and to check the mail and found one of their signs nearly in my drive. Not feeling like lugging the thing a quarter of a mile back to the hole, I picked it up, WITH ONE HAND, and propped it up with a rock, in the road, just past my drive. I thought I was being kind, I could have left it there, face down in the ditch where it had blown to and lived with the guilt of some dope-headed redneck doing a nose-dive into the 15ft deep gully (there's one of those living down at the other end of this road).

Soooo,,,I said to the dickhead, "LOOK Dickhead, I didn't steal your piece of shit signs, NOONE stole your piece of shit signs, your piece of shit signs were so flimsy that they BLEW away so take a walk and look for them."

I do not think this conversation went over well because they managed to make the job of installing a new culvert last 8 1/2 days.

The road was finally passable by 6 pm last evening, and that's all I have to say about that.

Zach had his first ballgame of the season last night and they pretty much got creamed. He's the only 8 yr old on a team of 7 yr olds who are just playing their first year of ball with a pitching machine. They're actually a very talented bunch of little lads but they've got to get their stuff together so I reckon they'll improve greatly with every game.

This Nanny has got to make her seasonal "butt to bench" adjustments because those bleachers don't have much give. It takes a little while every year for the buttocks to flatten properly to conform to the seating arrangements in order to be able to really enjoy the games.

Ya'll have a great hump day, ya hear?

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