Monday, April 04, 2005

Mutter, mutter, curse, curse,,,,,

Some nitwit decided that kid's baseball should have an earlier start down here. Normally I have a few days of breathing room after tax season and before Zach has practice but they're not giving me a breather this year for danged sure. Still 11 days shy of April 15th and practice too,, I know insanity is just around the corner. Does anyone have a cheap, used, straight jacket?

I got off work at 4 today, drove 12 miles home, hustled the terrorist into his cleats, grabbed his glove, and hurried back to the truck to drive 6 miles back to his practice. I sat in the truck and read a book (when I could keep my eyes open) while he spent over two hours doing what little boys do at ball practice.

After practice, I drove 6 miles further to pick up take-out burgers for supper, drove home, had supper, got showers and baths, worked on homework, and then it was bedtime for the terrorist.

Now I'm sitting here waiting for my hair to dry so I can take my old, lazy, butt to sleep.

I'm going to the tanning bed tomorrow. I know I can get a short, uninterrupted nap there!!

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