Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Stinky Gas Prices

I'm soon going to have to mortgage my house in order to buy gas and it just ain't fair folks. Other countries wonder why we're bitching about high prices when they're seeing prices that more than double what we're paying for gas, but folks, other countries (ie. Europe, Japan) have a much more sophisticated transportation system than we do. They can choose NOT to drive their cars and hop on a bus, or a train. The only place in America where this is still possible is in the cities and while the U.S. has some pretty big cities, the U.S. is a pretty big place with a whole bunch of folks who don't live and work in the cities. Keep in mind that we don't ride horses on the farms and ranches anymore.

I've been mulling this over since I paid almost $50 to fill my ride up the other day. I know of only one city for certain and there are possibly 2 or 3 others in the state of Arkansas that offer bus service as an alternate means of transportation. The rest of us have to have a vehicle or stay at home. There are no trains or buses in my neck of the woods. A few of the folks that live in one town and work in another are car pooling but that's not an option for the majority that work or live on the farms.

I suppose I could fix the flats on my bike but I reckon the first time I tried to bike the 12 miles to the nearest grocery store, if I didn't have a heart attack from trying to peddle on my 2 miles of gravel road, I'd probably get run over by a tractor or one of those farmers in their double cab, diesel monster pickups. I'd also be hard put to find a way to pack and tote $150 worth of groceries on a bicycle.

Maybe I should stand on the corner and sell my wares for gas. I'm not much of a salesman so I suspect it would take me a week or so to get half a tank.

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