Friday, April 15, 2005

I'm gonna go to hell in a handbasket

cause I fear I can only use the PMS/Menopause excuse for being a bitch just so many times. He's probably got a score card up there with my name on it in BIG red letters you know.

I'm in this cranky mood cause the road's still not fixed and I'm having to drive the extra miles to take the kids to school which is making a huge dent in my gas tank. The garbage truck didn't run on Monday, for the same reason and I've just been turned down again for health insurance coverage.

I called the garbage folks and told them there was another way in and they needed to use it. I called the county road department again on Wednesday and asked them if deadassedness was a way of life for them down there, then sent the photos I posted here to the daily world with a little note that started, "Let me tell you the story,,,,,". And I've decided there's nothing I can do with the insurance companies since they have more money than God and they don't give a hoot or a hollar anyway.

Ok, I've done all the damage I can for a time so I'm going to go get dressed so I can pick up the Terrorist later and go to another baseball practice.

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