Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday again.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. It was a pretty lazy one around here. Saturday, Zach and I had a couple of errands to do in town so we met the Chick and her Mommy and Daddy at the August Moon for some chinese. Zach and Chick had a dicussion over lunch and decided that it would be fun if they both went along to the dreadful Wal mart with Nanny. Afterwards we loaded up our dog food, bird food, bananas, strawberries, and some sort of new-fangled sour candies and went home, but of course we stopped at the quarter-hogging machines on the way out for tattoos.

It was too cool here over the weekend to play outdoors so we played in the house and watched Sponge Bob all afternoon on Saturday. On Sunday, we had birthday cake with Ms. Abie who will be 4 years old this week.

Happy Birthday Abie!!

Any time a cake is served around here, the Chick sees a birthday opportunity. She doesn't understand the actual birthday concept yet but we feel there is no harm done in sticking a candle or two in the dessert cake so she can sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles. It's sort of caught on with all of the younguns now so last weekend Jami made cupcakes and put a candle in each one so they could all blow out the candle. I think this will be a sweet little tradition as long as they don't get the idea that there should also be presents every time we have cake for dessert.

Poor little Abie had to try 4 times to blow her candles out because the Chick just couldn't hold back with all those flickering lights right within blowing range.

At Last!!

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