Monday, April 11, 2005

It's Monday Alright!

I rolled out of the bed this morning and made my way to the kitchen while trying to motivate my creaky joints to loosen up. Stumbling through the kitchen, on my way to the utility room to get Zach's frozen pancakes, the bird chirped his "Good Morning"
and I reached over the counter to pull his cage cover off. This being Monday and my eyes not being open should have forewarned me because as the cover came off, the cage came over. I dashed around the counter (creaky dash)just in time for the edge of the cage to catch my shin on it's way to the floor. Bird seed and water went everywhere and poor Ya-Ya was traumatized.

I too, was traumatized due to having a bruise and a lump on my shin from the crashing cage and having to clean up the mess of WET birdseed before I was totally awake. He didn't twitter, tweet, or whistle to me again until I was getting ready to leave for work.

Birds do have a "Go-To-Hell" stare, I know this for a fact.

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