Monday, April 04, 2005

Redneck For Sale

Every time I begin to feel that our little spot in the Mississippi River delta is acquiring a bit of culture, I stumble across little reminders that it "just ain't so". This morning as I was reading through the classifieds (you can find some good information by reading who's selling what in these things) in one of the local papers and I ran across this:

$1800 pair of men's false teeth.
Never been used.
Only asking $300 for them.

YES, the ad is real!!

The ad brought to mind thoughts of my grandfather and his wisdom. When he was about 90 he had all his teeth pulled because they'd been hurting him and the doctor wanted him to be fitted for false teeth after his gums had healed. We were sitting in his swing one day (we sat in that swing a lot over time) and he told me, "Sister, I really don't see any need in buying those teeth. I'm eating ok and I just can't see paying that much money for something that's gonna last longer than me."

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