Friday, February 13, 2004

Today could be a better day.

SOMEONE, who's ID I won't share but if you look over in the little box to your left you will see, had to remind me today that it was Friday the 13th. Although I don't need a special day to have shitty, unnatural, or unusual things happen in my world, I could have had a couple more hours of stagnation and unknowingness about this fact.

However, today, lucky or not, can't possibly be any less lucky than yesterday.
Thursday started out with Zach peeing in his bathroom floor. I gave him the benefit of the doubt my thinking perhaps he was still half asleep but just to be on the safe side he had a little lesson involving a scrub brush and disinfectant when he came in from school. Since I also cleaned it before leaving for work yesterday, it's very sanitary in there now.

The next incident happened when I was getting him out the door when his ride to school got there. Standing on the frosty porch in bare feet, I turned around to go back into the house and the handle for the storm door came off in my hand. I had to go tripping around to the back of the house, bare-footed on frost-tipped, rain bogged, grass to the back door. I said a couple of prayers along the way that the back door wasn't locked. It wasn't.

To top it off, I arrived at work to find that $60,000 in electronic tax refund checks were delayed by the Service bureau for processing and I spent the day being abused via phone by the clients who decided to blame me for their checks not being here for me to print.

After spilling one cup of coffee TWICE, on my desk, I was very happy when 6 pm came so I could get the hell outta Dodge.

I've already spilled a drop of coffee on my right tit (use your imagination) and slopped some of the same coffee on my desk this morning. I'm hoping that I've gotten all that over with now and the rest of the day will be normal. Maybe.

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