Wednesday, February 04, 2004

NOT a good Wednesday

I've toted CPUs, monitors, unconnected and connected, moved a laser printer from one side of a big room to the other, and all I ended up with was that F***ing Lovsan worm on a computer they sent over from the main office THAT I DIDN'T NEED OR ASK FOR!!! I'm losing my network connections due to some svchost.exe friggin error but I was managing quite well and getting around the problem. I've gotten pretty good at compromise and getting around things in that place.

I've still got that problem, but now I have to run around the room and reboot 3 friggin puters instead of 2.

I've been on my stomach, on the floor, under my desk for a couple of hours today. I'm frustrated from trying to explain a problem to our "expert" who's almost totally deaf and hard-headed to boot. The owner can't do a tax return (she doesn't know how) and only learned to turn a friggin computer on in the last year and this whole deal today was her idea. (or that ex-hubby of her's that she's trying to impress again).

I wish I knew more about the tech stuff than I do. I know jack about networks. I do know I was better off this morning before they brought in this other shit!!

Ok, I'll shut up now.

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