Sunday, February 22, 2004

Cranky and tired

When I got home from work yesterday my son and hubby were finishing up the work needed to put the new birdhouse up. This should increase our Martin living quarters

to around 30+ compartments (if we can keep the sparrows from nesting in em).

Nanny snuck (I think this is only a southern word) in a little short nap before the Chickie and her mommy arrived and after they got here we all went out to El Canaveral's for dinner. You can see here that the Chickie dressed for dinner

and was practicing her "star" role.

After dinner we went grocery shopping for Sunday BBQ fixins. Zach's little sisters came by today for hotdogs, ribs, and a nice boston butt.

Nanny is now tired and cranky cause she has to work tomorrow.

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