Thursday, February 12, 2004

Boredom breeds foolishness

It was a slow day at the tax office yesterday, the second in a row. On days like that we tend to talk about the world problems and other, less pressing matters. Around 2 pm Tammy decided to push things up a notch and the topic turned to "How to Spice Up Your Sex Life".

During these discussions Tammy does most of the talking cause that girl can really talk. She can say more in 10 seconds than I can think of in that amount of time. My replies to her usually consist of an occasional "un huh" or grunt as she chatters away. Sometimes a word or two will weave it's way into my consiousness and I'll say "what", so she'll back up.

The Sex 101 instructions that she was handing out yesterday made me feel that perhaps she believes that my sex life needs a little spice (and I have NO idea why she would think this). I was listening in my usual manner and finally had to make a remark when she suggested that it was sometimes fun and exciting to go parking.
I let her finish with the pluses of the activity and then when I caught her taking a breath, I broke in.

"Uh huh", I can see it now. We're in the back seat and suddenly I scream at James, GET OFF, get in the front seat and drive me to the doctor so he can get me out of this postion."

My back hurts now even thinking about the contortions it would take to have sex in the back seat of a car.

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