Friday, February 28, 2003

I'm bright and perky this morning,,,,,well almost. I've already been to my friend Kat's blog and got my much needed laugh for the day. She sure does manage to trip a wire somewhere in my mind that brings back memories that I'd thought were long gone. My mother and grandmother HAD some of those damned molds! She is going to have to call Ditto by his first name though, cause even though I READ Ditto, I SEE this a sign of old age? A declining mentality? OR WORSE, a sign of Redneckdom?????

Last evening I climbed into my truck for that wearying drive home. It really takes little effort on my part because that truck just knows the way. I rarely remember actually going from one point to the next ( I'm sure there must be a warning in there somewhere for other drivers that I meet along the route) but sitting for 40 mins is tiring. After slopping through the soggy yard in the leftovers from the ice I walk into the house and there sits my soon to be 51 yr old hubby in the recliner, my 6 yr old grandson on the sofa, AND the cat. All whining and asking "what's for dinner"? That really pisses me OFF, but to avoid another round of "you haven't REALLY cooked in 5 years", I slam around pots and pans and finally throw together a decent meal that I'm too freaking tired to eat! The whole point of this grip is,,,,Where is it written that the Lady of the House is also the extra wage earner, cook, laundress, nurse, babysitter, sex slave (yeah right!), shit scrubber, litter box emptier, floor mopper, vaccum specialist, lawn mower, ect, ect, ect...????Please send me the answers soon, so I can finally accept the laws of the land and stop thinking thoughts of murder and mayhem!!!!

How can you tell a Yankee driver in Arkansas? When THEY come up behind two friends parked in the street to talk, THEY won't get up on the sidewalk and go around like everyone else.

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