Monday, February 24, 2003

AhhhhChooo,,, I'm back!! Having seen the sun for a total of 3 minutes yesterday and for approximately 10 today, I now hear the weatherman is spouting off about snow and sleet and stuff after midnight tonight, AND the clouds are steadily rolling in. I was awakened this morning (under much protest mind you) at 5 a.m. After sitting in my green wing chair with feet up on ottoman (yes that damned ottoman!) and having my coffee, stared at the wall for about 30 minutes, I finally started the process of getting dressed. Now I read my friend Katrina's rendition of the tortures of underwear and her friend Carl's on his boxers, and I feel for them, I really do! I am also among those who think that underwear is some sicko's way of torturing mankind! So I do every little routine thing about getting dressed that I can do in the nude before donning the horrid undies (and this is NOT a pretty sight!!). I was dressed at last by 6:45 where upon I wake my cranky little grandson who is also not a morning person. We go through the ritual of food, juice, washing of face, brushing of teeth, socks, jeans, shirt and finally I have him dressed and it's time to take him to school and myself to the office. That north wind was cold and blowing quite stiffly when we bounced out the door and I wade through that bog again to my truck just to discover that I'd left my keys on the table. BUT,,,,the sun was shining!!!

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