Monday, March 16, 2009

Farm Use for Blow Dryers

Zach and his buddy are sacked out on the couch and recliner watching a "Freddie" movie, I'm enclosed in the bathroom with a Good Housekeeping mag attending to my morning constitutional, when the front door opens and the man starts yelling for Brenda!

I'm thinking, ",,,alright sucker, this had better be good, " as I head to the living room.

There he stands, in the door, cause his boots have mud and water dripping from them, with dripping papers in his hand.

"Can you zap these in the microwave for me? Or how about the oven? I need em dried and I need em quick as I can get em."

I told him No on the microwave idea, and No on the oven idea, cause these were drenched papers and papers will burn once they're dried and I was in no mood to fight a fire today. So I dragged out my trusty blow dryer and we went to work carefully peeling the sheets apart to dry them enough so that they would no longer be sticking together in a dripping mass.

The Man had been to pick up a new Flex Harrow and the wet pages were the instructions for putting it together. I really think the pages have plenty of time to dry cause the Man usually doesn't read the instructions until After he's put it together wrong at least once.

Ok, I'm outta here to go run a few errands. Hope everyone is having a super Monday!


Sally said...


I LOVE "the man" stories, and what would you do without him, Ms. Brenda. :)

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Oh lord! Only a man would suggest putting them in the oven. Ha!

Brandie said...

The best one is we have pantie hose that were used for the water tank at the I know what you are going through there :)

Donna said...

I go Nowhere without my blowdryer...never know what will need blowing....with a blowdryer....LOL...hughugs

Butterfly Gardener said...

HeHe! Men never look at directions first, they always "know" how to do it! We've dried out my husbands wet cell phone several time with a blow dryer. It always seems to fall out of his pocket at the wrong time!

Donna said...

That was good thinking! He'll probably forget all about those instructions tomorrow, LOL.

Virginia Gal said...

You really are a jack of all trades, you can do it all!

bermudabluez said...

hahahahaha!Great use for a blowdryer! Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day today!

kimberly said...

you are hilarious.....LOL!!!!
happy happy St. Patrick's Day, brenda.....hoping you have a festive least what YOU consider festive!