Monday, March 09, 2009

Doing the Zoo

MeriKate, the Chick, and Beans in the Northwest area of the zoo.

Zach with Budda.

DIL, Jerri, and my son James (aka Bubbie) looking all cute.

The temps were in the mid-70's on Saturday so we loaded up some snacks, loaded up some kids, and went to the Memphis Zoo to celebrate what we hoped was the beginning of Spring around these parts.

It was more crowed than I've ever seen it and we've been visiting there for many, many years. I guess everyone else was celebrating the beautiful weather too.

About half of the animals decided to stay inside and I had to dodge around people in order to take a quick snap of any of the critters. It wasn't at the top of the list for great zoo adventures but it was a nice day out anyway.

I was watching the weather this morning and that man on there said the temps will be back in the 40's about mid-week. I sure hope he's wrong.


Butterfly Gardener said...

Our weatherman just give an equally dismal report for the end of the week as well. Temperature will be 1/2 of what they were this weekend. I protest!

Donna said...

Glad you all got out for the day sweetie!! Sound like it was a fun thing to do!
Your Challenge is posted!!
Happy Day to you!!!hughugs

Donna said...

I love that picture of the tigers! We enjoyed the Memphis zoo when we visited a couple of years ago. I sure took advantage of that little buses because that place is HUGE! Glad you had a good time, despite the crowds.

Sally said...

Awww, look at those precious little ones! My, they are growing up fast though. So cute!!

I'm glad you guys had such a great day, and the weather held up for you. Yep, it's all over the place here also, air on one day, heat on the next. When will it end?


jazzi said...

I believe everyone in St. Louis was at the zoo there on Saturday, too. It took us an hour just to get parked.
But the weather was absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photos! I forgot my camera...

Cindra said...

Oh, you have a white tiger!!! How cool. How are they fenced in? Ours have the crisscross fence and I have heard they are going to be adding glass because some idiot was teasing the cats.

Brenda said...

The tigers weren't behind a fence but there was mesh fencing around some of the enclosure. There's a moat also around the enclosure.

Brenda said...

I just noticed that I didn't spell crowd right. If I could spell, I'd be dangerous!

cassie-b said...

We had a beautiful day last Saturday as well. Going to the zoo would have been a good Idea. We ran errands and took a walk. It was still nice.

I'll be glad when spring is really here.

joan said...

I love the photo of th three girls, they look like they are the best of friends. Looks like you all had a fun time. Our weatherman was right too, yesterday it was in the 70's and today it felt like upper 40's or 50's. Oh well, it's always a gradual change aorund here.

itsboopchile said...

Memphis, zoo, wonderful memories. I used to go to the zoo there at least 75 years ago. Is it still called Overland Park? I hope my memory is correct.
We were there once when the elephants broke loose. They performed for us I think weekly. We sat on bleachers, and we really did run!!! Nightmares for a while.
We lived on Lamar Ave, then, is it Crump Blvd now? The Andre place is now a park. Our address was 1875 Lamar. Poppa and his boys were plant growers.
We spent a lot of time at the fairgrounds, too.
Wonderful memories. Thank you, enjoy it.
Betty G