Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tired and Smiling

Jerri's mother had outpatient surgery today so I got to keep the girls for a few hours this afternoon and evening. Abby and Alexis have become as close as sisters so I had her as well. I must say there's been some excellent playing going on at this place today.

Jillian was asleep when Jerri brought them by so Abby and The Chick sat and stared at her during her 20 minute nap because they knew they couldn't go swimming until she woke up. They must have been sending esp messages to her because she awoke smiling and ready to go, so we gathered towels, passies, and sippy cup and went next door so they could play in the pool. Jillian took one look at all that splashing water and climbed me like a tree, so she and I sat under a tree and watched the birds as the others splashed and paddled.

After more than an hour I talked them out of the pool so they wouldn't get too much sun and took them inside to dry off and find other things to play with while I started cooking supper. I thought Jillian was quick as lightening before she started walking but she's faster now. I do believe she's got more of the tornado tendencies than Alexis had.

It was a one fantastic afternoon full of hugs and kisses!


Phyllis said...

Ah, such neat Summer memories!
They are such beautiful kids!

Bluejean Baby said...

I love that top picture! It's frameable!

Anonymous said...

What great pictures. Wish I could have been in on all the fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Such nice photos
of the little ones. They're presious memories.

cassie-b said...

Great pictures - as always. How can you miss with such beautiful children?

Have a nice weekend. And I hope Jerri's mom is doing well.


Leslie said...

I love when you share these stories and pictures of all your grandbabies. :)