Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

I hope all the father's out in blogland had a great day today! I think James had a pretty good day. We had the ribs and some grill-steamed veggies and he got some nice presents.

Jillybeans spent the day with us while her momma and daddy went to fetch those fireworks. She's a mover, that girl is, with those chubby little legs! I went to the kitchen to fetch potatoes to peel and peeked around the corner at her and she had gotten in her diaper bag, had her powdered formula, had the top off, and was trying to drink it. Without thinking, I put the colander full of potatoes down on the foot stool with the knife on top so I could save the formula and while I was putting that back in her bag I turned around and she had the knife stabbing at the potatoes. I nearly had a heart attack during the 2 seconds it took me to get to her and take the knife away! After that I stood at the counter to peel the spuds while she had fun dragging my mop around the kitchen.

I was able to have a quick snuggle and talk with the Chick and Abby today before they left and they told me they were going to sell hot dogs, cokes, and lemonade at the firework stand. I think they have plans to buy fireworks with the money they earn because they both declared they weren't spending their money on anything silly like clothes! Ha!

We got a call this evening with the news that Zach made the All Star baseball team again so it appears that my bleacher shaped hinny will be sittin through a few more games again this summer.

Ok, I'm outta here. I have a feeling I'm gonna sleep like a rock tonight after the exercise Miss Jillybeans gave this Nanaw today. I'll have some new photos tomorrow to share once I get a little sleep.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!


Special K said...

I swear it's the mission of every kid to try and kill themselves in some imaginative fashion before the age of 12. It really is a wonder how we've survived as a species.

Sorry that you and your pancake-flat ass can't call ball quits for the summer, eh?

Virginia Gal said...

Congrad's to Zach - all-stars!

Sounds like a good father's day was had by all, what did you husband get from the grandkids? HOpe he had a good time.

Joe said...

That's a mean looking lawn mower he's rideing girl! Great pics. Hey zac may be another babe $Routh! :-)

Fat Pants said...

Good for Zach. Try bringing a seat cushion to the games.

Sally said...

Whoa, that was a skeery moment there with the little one! Man, they get around fast!! Happy for Zach; oh, your hinny will be just fine - you love it, you know it!! :)

Mary Lou said...

Gads! She is growing fast!! and GOING fast too huh?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Zach on making the All Star team.