Thursday, June 08, 2006


After paying my dollar at the gate at the ballpark on Monday, and watching the last bit of the game before Zach's, we found out that the team they were to play didn't have all their players so it was to be a forfeit. The coaches decided not to waste the empty ball field so they kept them there to practice. The mommys and couple of grandmas sitting around holding the bleachers down passed the time away by discussing the problems of the world.

And a few more things.

I'm not sure what route we took to get from the dangers of ATVs to "THE TALK" but we stumbled upon it somehow and it really got lively there for awhile. One young mother told us of the wisdom of her 5 yr old daughter concerning the male anatomy.
"Dogs poop out of their tails but boys pee out of theirs, except for Poppa, he doesn't have a tail." She went on to tell us that when she told her father of this revelation, he said, "Well I have to sit to pee when she's in the house because she stays on my heels and I can't get away from her!"

A couple of the young moms said that their boys didn't know anything about sex yet and they hadn't had "THE TALK" with them because they hadn't asked any questions yet. Myself and the other grandmother in the group informed them that it wasn't wise to wait until they asked because they were in school with other little boys who were certain they knew all there was to know about sex, and were glad to share the knowledge, so they probably already knew all they thought they'd need to know about it. This passed on knowledge is not commonly found printed in the health books of any generation.

I felt obliged to also inform them if they had plans for their husbands to have THE TALK with their boys, they should first have THE TALK with their husbands because a man's idea of THE TALK could also not be common knowledge found in the printed health books of most generations because they'd very likely learned all their facts from the same sort of little know-it-all youngun when they were growing up.

Before we knew it, practice was over and it was time to pack up and go home.


Brent said...

Yes, we men are ignorant. OOOOH so very ignorant!!

Holly said...

i've been having the talk with mine since they were in kindergarten. it just gets more complicated and expands every year. when i found christian buying condoms for his friend who didn't have a military id, so couldn't shop here on base, but didn't have a driver's license i was shocked. i talked with my husband about it and agreed that it was a good thing. he wasn't afraid to come into where i work and buy something that i wouldn't have been caught dead buying as a teenager. and it was for a friend. so i have hopes that he will hold his head just as high and be able to do it for hinmself when that time comes. because it is important.

Bluejean Baby said...

We were pretty open with our kids about body parts and their actual names. It made the rest of our family cringe now and then, but they got used to it.

Leslie said...

De-mystifying it all as early as possible is a good thing, I think. There are a few 30-year-olds I know that could've benefited from sitting in those bleachers with you.

Joan said...

Hey Brenda..I have been absent here for awhile. I can't comment from work, because my boss has been in all week, and I can only comment on blogs that look grey, so he won't notice. Yours stands out like a dirty shirt I got to be quick because he can see it from a mile away.

Sorry to hear the grands might be moving away. I know that will break your heart. But they won't be that far away, and it will give you an excuse for a road trip. They are a beautiful bunch of coconuts!!

Lugosi said...

Kids should learn about sex the same I did--by listening to Howard Stern.

Joe said...

Hum... an evening with the birds and the bees! LOL! I necer was given a talk! That may be why I've so many kids! ;-)

Special K said...

You know, I never got THE TALK. However, thanks to having grown up in an inner city neighbourhood, and having a best friend who had an older brother, it was mostly unnecessary.

There are still filthy jokes I remember hearing in the 3rd grade. And yes, even then, I got them.

Cindra said...

I used to love the "mom talk" in the bleachers. You never knew which way it would turn, but you knew it would be interesting.
I gave all the "talks" to my boys in our family. My husband didn't want to and I didn't think it was wise to allow someone else to give their version.
You are a good grandma, Brenda!