Thursday, January 15, 2004

Today's Thursday,,right??

It's gotta be Thursday cause it's my work week hump day if it's Thursday. I got a chance to log on and read my favorite blogs for a little while today. It was pretty slow so I browsed and had some smiles. Tomorrow is the first day that we'll be able to transmit the files to the IRS electronically this year so it could be a bit busier then.

Zach is beginning to protest having to stay with his Pop-Pop so much already but he's just going to have to deal with it. I think Pop-Pop won't play right and he gets pretty frustrated when he has to watch the news and game shows when he has his heart set on the Toon Disney channel.

Sunday night he was counting his money. This kid is always broke when we go shopping but manages to find his hidden hoard once we get home. After he did his counting I asked him why he didn't spend his money for the things he wants and thinks he needs. He informed me that he couldn't spend his cause he was saving up to buy a car. He could possibly have enough to buy a decent car by the time he's 16 at the rate he's saving his and spending mine. He did make the remark, as he was stuffing his bills back into his bank, that he probably had enough to take a woman out on a date if he liked them. I told him that saving for the car was the best idea I'd ever heard!

He's going to be 7 on Saturday.

Our copier finally bit the dust on Tuesday. I was sad that my duct tape just wouldn't hold it together anymore. I couldn't even talk the repairman into taking it off our hands to use for spare parts. He told me it would be best to put it to rest by putting it out for the garbage truck. I huffed and groaned and finally managed to get the old carcass out to the curb and some dumbass took it away during the night.
We've got a loaner for a few days until our other old one gets a face lift and comes back to us.

All this sounds rather boring after the excitement at the beginning of the week, doesn't it?

I hope everyone has had a great week and is looking forward to a fine weekend.

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