Sunday, January 18, 2004


My list of favorite bloggers has grown so quickly to be so many that I often can't get to each one every day. This is a big frustration sometimes because I find myself wondering how each one is every day and wondering what they've been up to and if all is ok in their world. I'm amazed at the joy I find in my daily readings since this time last year I'd never even heard the word blog before.

It wasn't anything major that I started a blog after seeing Kat's for the first time back in February, but it is pretty surprising to me that it's become what it is and continues to evolve into. I initially planned for it to be a comic-type site about rednecks here in the delta where I live, but I soon found myself sharing parts of myself as I became more comfortable in the blogasphere.

I love the fact that many of my favorite bloggers have met and enjoyed each other by clicking a link in my favorites. I've met many wonderful people by doing the same in other blogs. Each and every person who's blog that I read is special to me and their writings and personalities appeal to me for different reasons and in different ways. I'm sure as they read some of the things I come up with there are a few who shake their heads at the wide range of topics that interest me as often as they do at the words that sometimes appear in print here. I'd be the same if you were to meet me cause what pops into my head most often crosses my lips an instant later.

Dammit,,,I guess in my wandering and meandering way here I'm trying to say I love you all for one reason or another and thanks for sharing with me and coming by to stay awhile when you can.

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