Monday, January 05, 2004

Rover Spirit has landed

I've mentioned before that our neighbor, Jeffrey, comes by around 5:30 every morning for coffee. This morning was no different and since I was up and almost awake I caught a little of their conversation as they sipped their coffee and watched the channel 3 news.

Jeffrey: Did you see that about that thing they landed on Mars?

James: Yeah, it's supposed to take pictures of Mars, colored ones.

Jeffrey: Hehe, you know what'd be funny?

James: No, what?

Jeffrey: If the first shot they had from Mars was of this little, green, bug-eyed alien.

James: snickering Yeah, flippin the bird.

James: I can hear ole Bush now, "How many of those missles can we hitch onto that space shuttle?" "Damn it, what do we need to change on them bombers to send em up there?" "This is a threat to our national security!!"

I'm laughing harder now as I write this than I was early this morning when I overheard those two talking about it.

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