Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Thinking back on Tuesday

I've got to get over today before I write about it.

I typed up an entry for yesterday (Tuesday) and I was multitasking by also downloading an update to my tax software. This was not a good idea whilst being logged on by modem since I not only lost the entry but screwed up the danged download and had to start it all over again. I'm going to try my topic again today by doing what I should have done last night, TYPE IT IN WORDPAD FIRST. (I don't take my own advice very well, do I Mary lou?)

Now, back to Tuesday. The tax business was slow, very slow. We did a whole 4 returns all day and spent all of our free time having a solitare contest. Do you realize how boring it is to play solitare for 4 hours?

We play music while we work and in this raggedy old building the only station we can pick up clearly the country music station here in Forrest City. I like country music but I really prefer a variety and variety is not in this disk jockey's vocabulary. Late in the afternoon John Deere Green, one of my favorite country songs was playing and I made the remark to Tammy that I thought is was so romantic that Billy Bob, in the song, climbed to the top of the water tower to paint a 10 ft. heart to declare his love for Charlene. This led me to recall with fond memories a time that I climbed a water tower.

Halloween, 1967, in Moro, Arkansas. I was brave and daring and dumb as a pile of bricks. We were having our annual Halloween egg war and my friend and I had taken a short break from the battles to stop by another friend's house to wash the natural egg conditioning out of my saturated hair and leaving there with wet hair steaming in the cool breeze I came up with the bright idea to climb the tower and use the platform advantage for our next attack. How in the hell we got up there with our delicate ammunition is beyond my recall but I do recall winning the war from our lofty position. I also recall not being able to turn my head to the right for about a week from an egg wound to my neck which left an egg-sized knot and huge bruise.

You couldn't get me up on a water tower now with a crane!

It's great what a song can do for your recollection ain't it?

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