Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Tired Tuesday

It is Tuesday isn't it? If it's really Wednesday and I am thinking that it's Tuesday ya'll just don't tell me till tomorrow when it's Thursday. That is if it's Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

It was not the best of days (whatever day it is). First I had to dress to go open up the tax office for the delivery of a couple of computers. Then I had to help get them installed and set up on the network. I had a client come in who wanted to do a business return and I couldn't even do it because

1. We aren't open yet. (although I think we should have been yesterday but since I'm not the owner, I don't make that decision)

2. I didn't have the new tax program because we were in the middle of installing the computers that were to host the tax program.

I did a lot of soul searching before deciding to stay with this job for another year. Last season was horrible as I had to deal with crashing computers, irrate copiers, and the owner's lack of concern about the problems. We got these new computers this year because I told her last year that I wouldn't be back until we had something reliable to work with.

She cut it close didn't she?

I hope ya'll will bear with me through my grumpy and bitchy moods over the next few months. I'm going to look ahead to springtime to keep my sanity intact and I'll be looking in on everyone when and as often as I can.

Last year - having a break from clients

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