Friday, January 30, 2004


That past couple of nights I've also been working on tax returns here at home. I guess I don't get enough of that stuff at work. I just have some old clients from back when I used to do a lot of taxes from home that won't go anywhere else to get them done so I keep on doing them. I think they keep coming back cause I charge them about 1/4 what it would cost them at the tax office. Still $150 for 3 full hours work isn't bad (I calculated that by deducting the pee, coffee, and telephone breaks from the total).

We did not play solitare today. The door started swinging around 10 a.m. this morning and it was non-stop until 6:55 this evening. We even stole a couple of H&R Block clients cause they stopped in to see where H&R had moved their offices and we pleaded ignorance. One guy came in and I told him that our preparers were better trained and friendlier and our charges less than our competitors. One of our regular clients was waiting to have his return prepared and he told him, "Yeah and they're better looking too!"

We had one clown who couldn't remember exactly when his son's birthday was. Finally he decided on a date. Tammy was looking through his file and came up with a copy of the child's birth certificate and the dad had been wrong about the birth date. The guy says, "Well I'll be durned, that kid is so confused, he musta been born twice."

I've been looking through some photos again this evening. I found a photo taken last year of my son and I. Doesn't he look handsome in his uniform?

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