Sunday, November 02, 2003

Still Waiting

Since I'm still waiting for Jerri, I surfed over to Jer's blog for a read.

I've been reading different comments and opinions about our presence in Iraq for many months and I'm still pretty confused about it all. As ya'll know, I don't have much faith in our government to always do what's right and I rarely post any sort of political opinion (except for slick Willie upon occasion). ANYWAY, what I'm trying to say here is,

I'm not sure our troops should still be in Iraq, at least not in the numbers there are. We can't possibly turn around hundreds of years of history and introduce an entire country to democratic ideas and ideals in a few years. Are we prepared to spend several lifetimes there? How do you introduce freedom to a people who have no concept of what freedom is? How do you change the fact that a person has had to hide their thoughts, control their actions, scratch for their lives, an expect them to understand that it's possible that they won't have to do this in the future?

To me, it's like trying to make a lamb act like a lion. Is it possible?

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