Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I was just wondering,,,,,,,,

Is there something wrong with my expectations?

Way back when I first married I was pretty much considered a liberated gal. Now, to a redneck, the proper word for one with that sort of belief is "bitch". I cursed, kicked, and fought the culture that allowed the man to drink with the buddies, hunt, and fish, expect a hot dinner to be on the table at whatever time he managed to make it home, and single-handedly allowed ME to raise his younguns, just because he brought home the paycheck. I really bucked when I discovered that these rules of culture did not change when I also went to work and brought home a paycheck because his did not always stretch to include such luxuries as enough food.

I must have mellowed out a bit once I learned that one liberated, young wife was not going to change centuries of culture here in these parts or maybe it was because I was just damned tired of the constant fighting over it, cause I grew up to be a pretty good southern wife (this is what hubby refers to as the good ole days).

After work, he fished, and I grew a garden. He hunted, I picked the vegetables and canned them. He watched TV after a hard day on the farm, I cooked dinner, helped with homework, supervised baths, refereed fights, and did the laundry. Hell I came to look forward to a week-long fishing or hunting trip with the guys since the kids were happy with a pizza or sandwich for supper and I got a break!

I changed every diaper, fed every bottle, cleaned every snotty nose and I realize that he's always worked hard down on that farm, but damn.,,,

Ok, now to get to today's major gripe. In over 32 years of marriage, there have been few times when I couldn't perform my expected duties. Childbirth didn't even keep me away from my kitchen chores. But I'm getting older now and I'm not bouncing back from injuries and illnesses, so is it too much to ask for someone else to cook dinner a couple of times, or do the clean-up afterwards? How about to toss a load in the washer or dryer, run the vacuum, PICK UP THEIR SHIT?????

I'm all done venting now so I'm going to go sit and the floor and see if I can get all these toys back into the toy box in the playroom. It might be a good thing if someone were to come by a little later and help me get up.

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