Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Looking back on Tuesday

Yesterday was just a different kind of day. First of all, it was in the upper 70's here so the central heat that I'd flipped on just three days ago, had to be flipped back to the A/C.

Then my son came by to take hubby's hunting dog, Tee, to the vet for her annual shots and check-up. The vet told me over the phone that she's got ulcers. I knew the danged dog was hyper, hell that's the reason my son had to take her I can't handle her, but ulcers? I told hubby to talk with his buddy about letting his dog breed her this year cause she was probably just frustrated as hell. (speaking from experience of course).

Later in the afternoon I went outside for a bit and noticed that I had some tomatoes ripe in the garden. I went back in to fetch a pail for picking them and ended up with another peck or more of tomatoes! Unbelievable.

It's still warm outside but a front is coming through soon so I'm going to enjoy my warm toes today.

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