Thursday, November 13, 2003

Remember When?

Do you remember when you first discovered your sexuality? Your first real crush, when instead of punching out that boy who lived down the road, you wanted to impress him just a little by wearing clean clothes when he rode his bike over to play for the afternoon?

My first crush was Ricky Roberts when I was in the 7th grade. I had admired him for weeks but didn't have the nerve to let him know this. I must have been emitting some powerful vibes or something though cause one day he came up to me and asked me if I'd "go" with him to our State Fair field trip.

At our little rural school, to have a boy ask you to "go" with him to an event such as this was the ultimate in COOL! Of course to us, at that age, to "go" with a boy to this outing meant that you sat together on the bus, walked around together, and rode rides with them at the fair.

Well, I got me a live one. That Ricky was one suave young man. Being a whole year older than I was, he was much more knowledgeable about "going" with a girl and in how to treat her. He insisted that we hold hands even when he was tossing his cookies when they stopped us right at the top of the giant ferris wheel. Then later on, after he'd chewed a whole pack of Juicy Fruit gum, he taught me how to kiss.

For the next several months, until I broke his heart by leaving to go live with my father and stepmother for 3 years in England, he plied me with gifts of the likes never seen by this country girl. That boy could do wonders with his weekly allowance down at Mr. Jesse's General Store.

I still had all of the baubles and do-dads that he'd lovingly given me until last year and I've never again "gone" with another man quite as romantic as he was.

There was the R.A.F. lad when I lived in England,,,but that'll wait until another day.

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