Monday, November 17, 2003

Naughty or Nice

While sitting in the bathroom floor the other night as we gave the Chickie her bath, I told Jerri about the trying times that I've been having keeping up with Zach. She later sat him down for a talk.

Jerri: "Zach you know what time of year it is don't you?"

Zach: "What?"

Jerri: "It's that time when Santa really starts watching you close to see if you are being good."

Zach: "I've been good."

Jerri: "Well Santa starts in the Spring by having about 300 toys on a list for each little boy and girl, then every time he checks on them and sees that they've been bad, he takes one away."

Zach: "But I've been good."

Jerri: "Zach, if you have one more week last this week, baby you're going to be in the hole."

Then there is the sound of this Nanaw snickering in the background.

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