Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What do they call that?

What do they call a homicide when it's one spouse that's done in the other?

If this man doesn't get OUT of my house and DO something soon, someone's going to get hurt around here,,,,and it ain't gonna be me!

Gahhhhhhhhhhhh,,If I have to see ONE more Western that's a rerun x 150, I'm gonna lose it! He turns one on and then lays back and the recliner and snores!

,,,,I need a hatchet,,,or maybe some superglue~


Donna said...

HAhahahaAHAHAHAaaaaa.....Hang in there Brenda!!!! Walk AWAY from his chair....go in the kitchen and make a nice cuppa coffee...decaf preferred...LOL...and go lay down in your room and read...rest...calm....Hahahaaaa...Love You!!!!hughugs

Sally said...

Oh Lord have mercy on you, Ms. Brenda! I can only imagine!!

What you need is a trip to MargueritaVille with ME. I'll take you; just let me know. (((HUGS))

cassie-b said...

Hang in there.

I don't like westerns even the first time. And I'm beginning to feel like that about detective stories. Same stories - different setting.

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

I feel for you I have had mine now 5 years(retired) and dont think for one minute it has been easy..... AND I have his mother living with us, hows that for a double whammy!!
Just take the damn Tv remote and change it, no problem, mine does that too,I solved it by using the TV in our bedroom, you need a hobby that will take you away from him...LOL!!
Hang in there.....

Kellan said...

Superglue- tee hee!!

Have a good week - Kellan

joan said...

LOL Do you want me to send you some superglue?

Sharon Ellery said...

Ha ha. What would you superglue to what? Boy, a girl could have some fun :-)