Monday, December 08, 2008

Interpretation of the Chick's Xmas Lists

Almost everyone figured these out.


1. Poot Medcin - This is poot medicine for the Daddy who suffers from gas attacks. :-)
2. Alien Soot - Alien Suit - We have no idea where, or why, she came up with this one.
3. Pantzees - Panties - I must remember to ask my son if he needs new "panties"! Ha!
4. Jenz- Jeans - I sure hope Jerri is keeping this list for her scrapbook.
5. Pilz - Pills - My son takes anti-depressants and will ask Jerri if she picked up his pills.


1. Jenz - Jeans
2. LPS Covrs- Little Pet Shop covers (for the pet's little bed). This was the hardest one.
3. I want my room panted - She wants her room painted
4. 4 whler - A 4-wheeler
5. CEDIS - Music CDs

Still without my puter and I'm having withdrawal symptoms!


bermudabluez said...

Out of the mouths of they say! Hope your computer gets fixed REAL fast!!

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Kids say the cutest things!
My daughter use to say words like buggerflys and pizgeti, use to make me smile!

Sally said...

Doggone it, I shoulda known about the little pet covers!! The alien soot threw me for a loop, so I'm to not be alone in that one. hahaha


cassie-b said...

Thanks for the interpretation. That list is sure a keeper.


Cal said...

I figured out most of them but alien soot was puzzling! Hope you get your computer back soon.

Donna said...

Hahaaaa....It's times like these that I'm SO glad we have these blogs! When they are old women, they can look back on this and split their space suits, with laughter....Hahaa...Happy night sweetie!!!hughugs

Jeanne said...

I love the kiddos lists and the 'spelling' is great as well. LOL They are so darn cute.