Thursday, December 11, 2008


I have a working computer


I still don't have access to my hard drive nor to the external drive with the backup of the hard drive information (from 6 months or so ago) and we still don't know why we can't access them. Everything,,,accounting, tax files, photos, is on those two drives. Mr. John the computer man has tried about every way he knows to access the information. I've been surfing for hard drive recovery companies but I just can't afford to go that route.

I think I'm just going to cry.

Maybe scream.

Yesterday I spent most of the day reinstalling software. While Mr. John was working on trying to access those drives again today something went wrong and my local area connection disappeared. So, in order to have access to the internet again, which was discovered after I was on the phone, and on the floor with my tool box, for more than an hour being instructed by a Hughes Net tech in BF, Egypt, who could only mutter a few words of broken English, John ended up having to reinstall WinXP again to get that going again.

So guess what I'm going to be doing again tonight? (but not until after I watch CSI Las Vegas!)

And probably tomorrow.

I'm running on coffee and fumes; sleeping in snatches cause I'm thinking, thinking, thinking, (those who know me know that is a lost cause) and still coming up with nothing. I still have a little Christmas shopping to finish, Christmas cards to get mailed, presents to wrap,,,,gggghhhhhh I don't even want to think about it all.

I think I need a beer. Or two,,,,YO, Jose, com'mere! Vamos a ir partido que hasta el hombre!


Jeanne said...

I shudder to think what you're going through. Can't wait for tonight's C.S.I. myself with Lawrence Fishburn joining.

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

I feel your pain all the way up here in Canada!!


Virginia Gal said...

I read your post and thought "yup it is definitely the holiday season, when the beer comes out," ha ha.

Butterfly Gardener said...

Your post always make me laugh! Crazy computers have such a mind of their own and I think they enjoy tormenting us!!! Seems as if we have had our share of the computer troubles this year as well so I completely understand your pain. I wanted to take ours out in the field and blow it up before lol. Hope it all gets going for you soon.

Mary Lou said...

It just is not going to be the same with out Gil! :(

Brenda said...

If Gil leaves I won't watch it anymore.

Donna said...

Some of this sounds like the lovely times I had last year when I tried to buy a new computer and everything that could go wrong did. Where is a ballbat when you need one, huh? I sure hope that you can get the info off of the hard drives and you can get going again! {{{hugs}}}

Cindra said...

Who's Gil?
Keep me posted on your computer progress.

Anonymous said...

I've had a little computer trouble myself. You musta typed a different account name or password when you reinstalled. Security is wonderful! I've been W/O most of the year 'cause I was PO'ed. Didja get any 'access denied' to files?


cassie-b said...

Computer troubles are so frustrating. I hope you get things going soon.


Donna said...

Sweetie! Ken, My computer (office GURU manager) said this:

John the hardware man probably has lost everything on your internal hard drive....BUT...Take your External backup and plug it into another'll be able to read your stuff from there.
NOW...Your External hard drive should have a driver that you NEED to Re-install on you computer. It's no wonder nothing shows up. It Must have the driver installed as well. Seems everything else has been re-installed but that! Also, check the ends of your USB cables. They might be broken. Try it!
Let us know!

Joan said...

Yeah, do what Donna said!!..It certainly sounds more reasonable that I was about to suggest.

Crossing my fingers you get it going.

Sally said...

Good gracious, Ms. Brenda! I'm sorry to read this; like you need somthing else to worry about!

I didn't watch, but I'm with you, if Gil goes, I'll be done. :(

joan said...

Hi Brenda,

I don't know nothing about the inner workings of the computer so I am of no help whatsoever. Good luck with all of it.

Debbie said...

I say at least once a week I need to backup my system and still don't do it. The photos are probably the only thing valuable on here. Not like what you have! Oh I feel for you sweetie and hope it's fixed soon!

CSI? No Gil. No watch.

Special K said...

Oh, jeez, what a nightmare. Did you try what Donna suggested? It sounds pretty, erm, sound as far as advice goes. All I have to offer as a suggestion is to launch the offending mofo from the highest part of your roof, and that's hardly helpful.

Though probably tremendously satisfying.