Saturday, December 06, 2008

This, That, and The Other

Miz Puter is still with the puter doctor. I somehow fried her motherboard but puter Doc said he'd get me something going. He put my hard drive in an enclosure so that I can access it by usb port, at least I didn't kill it. Hopefully I'll have a desktop back by Monday because my fingers don't work so well on Zach's laptop.

The Chick has been in kindergarten for 16 weeks now, with days off for good behavior (grin), anyway, she's already reading at grade 2 level and tries to write stories, and lists, and cards, etc,,, by sounding out the words like she does when she's reading. Here is an example of some Christmas lists she jotted down the other day.

The first one is a list of things she want's to buy for her Daddy. I'm going to let y'all see if you can decipher the lists. Hint: It will help if you will sound them out the way they are written.


1. Poot Medcin

2. Alien Soot

3. Pantzees

4. Jenz

5. Pilz

This is what she had on her list so far,

1. Jenz

2. LPS Covrs

3. I want my room panted

4. 4 whler


MeriKate, the Chick, and Beans have been visiting us today. We've been throughly entertained!


Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Kids are so much fun they really are they lift your spirits and make it all worth while again.

Sally said...

HAHAHAHAHA I think I've got 'em down except the #2 on both Bubbie's and Chick's lists. She's really doing well in school. That's great!

Can't wait to find out the #2's. :)

Brenda said...

Those would be Alien suit (we have no idea where she came up with that or why) and Little Pet Shop covers (we thought it was hilarious that she's already abreviating!)

Just Joni said...

Well of course it's an Alien suit! Everyone needs an Alien suit....she's just trying to keep dad in high fashion...

precious words to treasure ~

bermudabluez said...

Yay! I got them all except the LPS! And I even got the Alien Suit...of course I had not idea why she wanted to get her dad that?? Kids are so funny aren't they??

bermudabluez said...

Oh! Forgot to say....I sure sympathize about the puter problems and hope you are up and running real soon!!!

Jeanette said...

That is too cute!

Donna said...

Poot medcin....Hahahahaaa....gads...I want a 4whler too!!!hughugs

Cindra said...

My favorite is poot medcin

Hope your puter gets well soon

cassie-b said...

Were you planning on interpreting her list?

So cute.

I hope you enjoyed your visit, or are still enjoying it.

good luck with your computer

PEA said...

Uh oh, sure hope your laptop gets fixed reallll soon! Omigosh, I giggled so much reading the Chick's lists...I think she did really good spelling the words like they sound! lol xoxo

Virginia Gal said...

That list is too cute, at first I couldn't figure it out, but than using your hint got it fairly well but can you put up an answer grid anyway..just in case I didn't get it right.

Debbie said...

I want a few grandkids now. Whaaaaaa! I'll enjoy yours if you don't mind :) Absolutely adorable!