Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another Laid Back Day

We've had two days of 73 degree temps but a cold front is coming through tonight so the high tomorrow will only be about 57. It's been really, really, warm for December in Arkansas.

I packed up the Christmas tree and the majority of the decorations today. After looking around I can see that I missed a few so I'll have to put them away tomorrow. I've also done some laundry, and washed several sinks full of dishes, that seem to magically appear. I must remember to get a supply of paper plates or else I'll have dishpan hands in addition to them being all old and wrinkled already.

I'm almost cross-eyed from posting a couple of months of accounts for one of my clients. Maybe I'll get my rear in gear and get that company caught up tomorrow.

Tonight we played a game of Phase Ten with Zach. We taught him how to play rummy a couple of nights ago; he catches on pretty quick.

Ok folks, I'm slowing fading here so I think I'll get my book and climb into my nice, soft, bed to read awhile.

Sweet dreams!


Debbie said...

It's all done for another year...sure passes quickly doesn't it? I'm glad you have your chores all done, but by the time you read this, you'll be up again LOL

I love heading to my bed and reading...what a peaceful ending to the day. David left yesterday and I couldn't seem to get out of the bed! So sleepy. Maybe it's the weird weather LOL. That's my excuse.

Sally said...

It's so pretty in here, Ms. Brenda.
I didn't put out much in the way of decorations this year so I don't have much to put away. :)

The weather here has been warm also except for a couple of days that I had to bring in some plants.

Have a wonderful Sunday. (HUGS)

Jeanne said...

We're having unseasonably warm weather as well. We put our decorations away on New Year's Day. Love enjoying them as long as reasonably can..hehe not till Valentine's or something.
DD let me borrow her copy of Robert Wagner's biography for my bedtime reading.

cassie-b said...

I think our tree will be up another week, but I'm ready to take it down. Don likes to see it till after the New Year begins.

The gifts are being put away this morning. And I'll be glad for that.

Have a nice day.


Cindra said...

Sweet Dreams!

joan said...

We hit a record temp here yesterday but it's cold again today. I was really hoping we skip right over winter. LOL I took down all the Christmas stuff today, took hours to clean up all the needles from the dead tree. Next year it will be a smaller tree for sure. Have a good week Brenda. Hope you had a good nights sleep.

Nonnie said...

i've done a little of the same here, brenda....only i can't bring myself to take the tree down, even as crispy as it is.....the smell is heavenly! :)
rest.....and rest some more.

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

I am taking down all the decorations after New Years Day, when my daughter leaves .Were getting one big storm after another today was an ice storm, it was so treacherous, ambulances would zip by loudly for the hospital, must of been many accidents everywhere...We get really messy weather here until late march.

Just Joni said...

I dread putting the Christmas stuff away...maybe I could start a new fad with a Valentine tree?

Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!

Jeanette said...

Wow, 73 degrees? I'm jealous! We got up into the low 60's a few days ago and we were jumping for joy! In puddles, actually because a ton of snow was melting! I am itching to put the Christmas stuff away but will force my self to wait until New Year's day. Seems to be my personal tradition to spend that day taking down Christmas decorations.

Donna said...

We had the same here & cold...and I suppose I should start taking down the tree...darn! Christmas came and went sooo fast!
Happy day sweetie!hughugs

Donna said...

PS- It's...Glamourous in here!!!hughugs

jazzi said...

I'm hoping to take down the Christmas decor today or tomorrow. I was reading back a bit and saw your good news about James; that's wonderful! I hope all goes well. Do you have your fixed hard drive back yet?

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