Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wednesday Ramblings

It's HOT!

I"m going now to take my bath before waking the Terrorist to herd him towards getting some breakfast and getting dressed,, Then we're going to visit my cousin over on the other side of Moro. She has a new computer and it came with Vista installed. She doesn't use a computer much so she can't figure out many of the basic things and wants me to come see if I can show her. I've never used Vista either, so this should be an interesting day.

I'm taking my camera along cause who knows what I might come across on the way over and back.
Be back later!


Sweetie said...

It's HOT here too!! Ouch!!

Enjoy your day, and I can't wait to see what photo op's you find. :)

jerri said...

Cindy's computer has Vista and she and Dallas HATE it! They said there are lots of issues with it "not supporting" things and pages..Dallas said it has to go before school starts and she is trying to use the computer for school things LOL we are heading out the door to litle rock in just a few. hugs

Leslie said...

Could be a challenging day from what I've heard about Vista.

We've finally got some much-needed rain and cloudy weather here which is a welcome change from being able to fry eggs on sidewalks. The fish are dying by the score in nearby lakes from the heat.

T*mmy said...

She's as brown as a biscuit and as cute as a bugs ear!
Take tylenol for the headache you will have after the!

jazzi said...

Fill us in on your opinion of Vista! I haven't used it yet, there's only one machine at the office loaded with Vista. Mainly because our software isn't compatible. It seems kind of silly to make the operating system incompatible with most of the software out there. You'd think they would try to find ways to make it better AND more compatible.

Willowtree said...

Hi, I was just blog surfing and was stuck by some coincidences. I'm 53 too (although soon to be 54), I'm a Leo and I'm married to a Brenda.

Anyway, just thought I'd tell you that.

mreddie said...

It is heat strokingly (if that is a word) hot here. Liked the little one doing the somersault - cute. Also enjoyed the critter photos a post or so back. ec

Cindra said...

Let me know what you think of that vista.
Love the tidy whitey look against the tanned skin and blond locks.